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Thursday, June 25, 2015

NATIONWIDE~Hagen/Sinclair~Small Business Decision Makers~$200

This is Anita Sinclair, CEO of Hagen/Sinclair Research, writing in regards to a PAID RESEARCH STUDY that may be of interest to you. We’re conducting 30-minute phone interviews among small business decision-makers about how people in your role invest in software solutions. We would love to have your opinions.

TOPIC:  The discussion will center on how your company goes about researching, selecting, and purchasing productivity software

INCENTIVE: As a thank you for participating, those who complete the interview will bepaid $200.

This is not a sales attempt nor will it lead to a sales attempt. We’re only interested in your opinions.  
DATE/FORMAT: The 30-minute interviews are taking place between June 19th and June 30th 2015. Date and time will be scheduled at your convenience.

TO APPLY: Click this link for a short survey: