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Sunday, September 20, 2015


The OddJobCity Team’s mission is to provide inspiration and valuable resources for personal and business development to those seeking career changes and advancement, expanding businesses, starting small businesses or enhancing personal development and skills through articles and conversation topics such as; detailed business ideas and plans, resume writing,etc., creating a platform for members to communicate, connect, and grow.
The team uses the term Odd Jobs as working for yourself or even changing careers; we define the word ‘odd’ simply as ‘something different than what you are doing right now’. Encouraging all to be ‘odd‘!
Not only do members have free advertising opportunities and resources, members earn Points by inviting others while helping the community grow. OddJobCity launched on June 1st 2014. In most cases, Internet start-ups take at least 2 to 3 years before they are profitable and OddJobCity is well on track to meeting this goal. In the mean time, secure your place in OddJobCity history and share it with everyone you know by using your personal link to invite them to the community.
Remember, OddJobCity is completely FREE to join, post, and share! Encourage your referrals to invite others; you can find a list of your referrals under the account.taband personally referred. You can easily invite others to join by using your personalized share link; social media sites, put your link in your email signature, etc. Flyers and homemade business cards are an inexpensive way as well. You can hang flyers on community boards (libraries, gym, restaurants, etc.) and hand out business cards every opportunity you get; home improvement stores or other locations)
Also, members can easily communicate with other members who post a request or service by using the ‘message box’ by their post. Job requests and additional online career searches are available at your fingertips.
You can find out how to start a business and read business prompts on the OJC Blog. If you have any questions about a specific idea you have in mind or need additional business or career consulting email .
Log in to OddJobCity  to post your service or request, update your existing post, view jobs, review your point totals and referrals (see how it works here), share your link and get connected with your community!