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Monday, June 6, 2016

NATIONWIDE~Human Resource Personel~$50 Paypal

Hello Laurie,

Thank you for being a member of our research panel. 

We are currently conducting research among human resources managers. 

The online research study will begin on June 13th. The online research journal will take 20 minutes to complete and all participants will be paid $50 via PayPal.

If you refer someone to take our survey and they participate in our online research journal, we will pay you $25 via PayPal as a thank you. 

Here is the referral link for our online research study among human resources managers. Please forward the referral link to your qualified friends and family members. The survey asks respondents, "Please provide the first and last name of the person who referred you". Please have your survey taker insert your first and last name.  Laurie Penman

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