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Friday, June 17, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK~Coffee Taste Test~$25

Happy Friday!
We are continuing our coffee tasting study in both New York and San Francisco. This is ongoing for the next few weeks in both cities. 
Tomorrow we will resume testing in Manhattan and also San Francisco. The location for Manhattan tomorrow will be at a local hotel on the West Side of Manhattan. 
If you have already particpiated in this research we sincerely thank you for your time  look forward to having you participate in future paid studies. Unfortunatley you may ONLY participate one time, however Please feel free to share this opportunity with friends, family colleagues...who you  feel would like to make an easy $25 dollars cash. 

Please complete a very short pre-screening survey by clickin  the link below. We will follow up with those who match the study requirements with further instructions.
If you have ALREADY completed the pre-screening survey please shoot us an email and we will double check your profile to see if you could be a potential match.