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Friday, July 28, 2017

My First In-Home Study was Tuesday Night

So I got into this study where they want to know how America eats.  What kinds of shortcuts we use, etc.  In the screener it said it paid between $175 and $325 depending on which group you fit into.  It ended up that they wanted my boyfriend to attend the sitting as we got the $325.

They were very nice and professional, it was actually fun.  They watched as I prepared dinner, asked me some questions about why I was using this or that, how I ususally did dinner, etc.  Super casual and easy.  They stayed about an hour asked me and Mike a few different questions, laughed about some funny stuff and really DID have a good time.  I was nervous, never having done an in-home before, but I have to say even my boyfriend enjoyed it!

Just wanted to share this adventure for those of you who might balk at the idea of having strangers come into your home to interview you.  I actually am looking forward to the next one I might be able to get into!  Have a great day all, and thanks for stopping by!