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Friday, July 28, 2017

NATIONWIDE~Murray Hill National~Teens at risk for HIV~$$$

We are looking to speak with 2 TEENAGERS AGES 12-15

This study is for STI/ HIV education booklets that will be available to millions of teens over the nation and will be placed in nurses offices, medical and health clinics, etc. So the feed back we receive is very important. 

We are looking to speak with teens ages 12-14 that are at risk for HIV. That could be a multitude of reasons and I will provide a list below. Please look over the list and see if you believe your teen could be a great respondent for this study. 

·   have a problem with my immune system that makes me MORE likely to get HIV
·   father or mother has HIV
·   have or have had sex with several different partners in the month or year 
·  don’t always use condoms or other protection
·   used IV drugs and shared needles
·   have or have had an STI 
·   have traded sex for food, drugs, money, or a place to stay-- 
Please forward this email to other parents of teens. This is a great way to help educate our teens! 

If you are interested in the study please reply to AMANDA@MURRAYHILLNATIONAL.COM or reach out to me at 214-830-0311.

Also, The study date is August 8th, We have 9:00am and 4:15 available.. 

Thank You,